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Storing function name in a variable and invoke that function in javascript

Problem: How to store a function name in a javascript variable and invoke that particular function. This post can be classified as a quick tip,

as these kind of scenarios are on need basis


Inside JSP:

// Create a javascript array that holds the function names. Our goal is to to use the variables stored in the array and convert them to call a

// function same as  the name stored in the variable


var myArray = new Array(2);

myArray[0] = “onefunction”;



<body onload=”demonstrate(myArray);”

Inside Javascript (.js) file

//Declare a global variable to hold function names

var fnnames;

function demonstrate(functionnames){

var myfn= functionnames;

for(var i =0; i < myfn.length; i++){

eval(myfn[i] + “Hello”); //calling function1 with a parameter “Hello1”, Similarly Calling function2 as well



//The below functions get called

function onefunction(String param){



function anotherfunction(String param){



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