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How to call stored procedure from solr

Problem: If you want to take advantage of solr data import handler to index the data, but unable to find a way to call oracle stored procedure or a function, here you go


1. First thing to understand is to fill the index of solr, I use the dataimporthandler of solr

2. DataImportHandler does not directly support calling regular stored procedures

3. Instead, create oracle pipelined functions as shown in my earlier post at

4. Now prepare the data-config.xml file as below

Configuring DataSources

Add the tag ‘dataSource’ directly under the ‘dataConfig’ tag, for example.

<dataSource name="jdbcds" type="JdbcDataSource" driver="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:port/dbname" user="db_username" password="db_password" responseBuffering="adaptive" batchSize="0" autoCommit="true"/>
  • The datasource configuration can also be done in solr config xml 
  • The attribute ‘type’ specifies the implementation class. It is optional. The default value is 'JdbcDataSource'
  • The attribute ‘name’ can be used if there are multiple datasources used by multiple entities
  • All other attributes in the <dataSource> tag are specific to the particular dataSource implementation being configured.

    You might need to download and install the Oracle JDBC Driver in the /lib directory of your Solr installation.

    • The data-config.xml used for this example is:
    <dataSource name="jdbcds" driver="org.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:port/dbname" user="sa" password="" responseBuffering="adaptive" batchSize="0" autoCommit="true"/>
    <document name="products">
     <entity name="item" datasource="jdbcds" pk="id"  query="SELECT * FROM TABLE(PACKAGE_NAME.PIPELINED_FUNC_NAME)" transformer="RegexTransformer,DateFomatTransformer,TemplateTransformer" 


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